UPS Demonstrates Commitment to Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Written by Judith Ceja
Feb 28, 2011 at 02:23 PM

UPS owns and utilizes more alternative fuel vehicles than any other private company in the United States. Their commitment to the environment by utilizing alternative fuel vehicles remains strong. The delivery service company recently ordered new propane delivery trucks and compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks to add to their existing alternative fuel vehicle fleet. This will increase their total alternative fuel vehicles to more than 2,200.
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Propane powered vehicles are beneficial to the environment because they emit 20% less nitrogen oxide and 60% less carbon monoxide than standard vehicles. They also emit 33% less reactive organic gases than gasoline powered vehicles.

Compressed natural gas vehicles also provide environmental benefits by reducing engine emissions by 20% and improving fuel economy by 10% over diesel engines. Natural gas is less expensive and more readily available than gasoline. UPS added 245 CNG delivery trucks to their fleet in January.

The company utilizes other alternative fuel vehicles as well. Their fleet includes liquefied natural gas, electric, and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV). Last year the company purchased 200 new HEVs which utilize lithium ion batteries. These batteries last longer and recharge faster than previously used batteries. Furthermore, the company expects to reduce fuel consumption by 176,000 gallons per year. UPS utilizes 800 HEVs to deliver packages in major cities throughout the United States.

The company continues to be innovative and has proposed further plans to utilize alternative fuels in their vehicles. They are initiating a plan to utilize biodiesel fuel in their ground support vehicles at the UPS Worldport air hub in Louisville, Kentucky. In support, the federal government awarded UPS a $515,000 grant to help with the costs of building a fuel infrastructure at the airport. Like natural gas, biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel.

The company takes pride in being an industry leader in HEV and CNG vehicle purchases. However, utilizing alternative fuel vehicles is nothing new for UPS. They have been in the business of using alternative fuel vehicles for over 70 years. They started their “green” fleet with electric delivery trucks which operated in New York City. UPS not only operates its alternative fuel vehicles in the United States. It also utilizes the vehicles in Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Since 2000, the company’s green fleet has traveled over 1.5 million miles.

Whether your package is delivered using a conventional gasoline-powered vehicle or one of the company’s many alternative fuel vehicles, consumers will still be able to recognize UPS’ familiar brown trucks. Although the new vehicles will be quieter and consume less fuel, the only noticeable difference will be on the environmental footprint they leave.

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