Which Linux Software Applications Are The Most Widely Used?

By Jolly Ching
Sept, 16,2008

Linux software is gaining popularity. While web servers are the number one applications driving Linux sales, there are different versions and types of Linux software applications that have driven the popularity of the operating system. Three software applications used prominently in Linux are Sage 3.0.2, StorYBook, CrossFTP.

Sage: it is a free mathematical tool that enables you to do fast calculations. It is known for its mathematical functionality. Based on python, this is an easy to manage software that has a user-friendly approach. It makes an excellent substitute of Maple, Magma and Matlab.

Sage is especially useful if you are working as a team and your entire team needs to have sophisticated software to do the mathematical calculations fast. It makes a great teaching tool and is therefore widely used in offices for training employees. At the time of training, you need some quick software that doesn’t take too long to do the calculations because then the flow is disturbed and focus is lost. It is here that this Linux software proves to be of immense help.

StorYBook: It is an easy to download software that is quite useful for the novelists and writers who can easily write up stories or novels. This software helps a lot in structuring the book. It is good for writers as it aids in sorting the chapters date wise. Also, there is scope to sort the book chapter wise.

StorYBook also enables the writers to present an overview that is mainly valued when the story is complex and requires a brief. Editing is very much possible and this makes this software all the more preferred. The writer as per need and convenience can add on new characters to the story, edit or even assign to other chapters. This feature is known as person management for which this software is widely appreciated. It is possible to organize large pieces of work into small parts.

CrossFTP: CrossFTP is known for quick transfer of files, which is mainly required in high profile companies where files need to be transferred speedily as the files are in bulk. This robust software does not require any special set up for its installation. Some of the features for which CrossFTP is preferred are that there is bypass the list to skip out the less important or unimportant files. It helps to manage the parallel connections of your company website. With this software, you can exercise control on the speed of downloading and uploading files. Some people prefer to use this software simply due to the reason that it offers name case conversion support and also has exclusive features like HTTP Proxy. CrossFTP is one of the most popular Linux software that helps you transfer files even to remote locations where other software fail to reach.

The Linux application area that has driving the most sales continues to be the driver of sales of this operation system is the web server. Specifically Apache, however, this list of applications are widely used and are diversifying interest in Linux-based systems.

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